Saturday, March 5, 2011

Not blogging tends to breed more not blogging. I feel the need to account for all I have done since I was last here but that would be difficult to remember and a terrible bore to read. A quick list of highlights with photos then....

Bethany's class sang a song at assembly. They were all dressed as superheroes to sing Colin Buchanan's Super Saviour. Most of the girls came as princesses but Bethany is "lucky" enough to have a brother with a superman outfit. I managed to leave work early to be able to see her.

The weather in Wagga is not always perfect. We seem to go straight from stinking hot to freezing cold but, in fact, Autumn can be delightful. So lovely I go for a walk at lunchtime. This is the view of the library as I walk back.

While Jossie and Toby were at Kids' Club last Friday evening Narelle and I took our younger girls, plus one more, down to Wagga Beach (sand next to the river). They were desperate to get their feet wet and, I could just see it, anything else that happened to fall in, but we didn't have towels and I was to go out after dropping them home so didn't want to have to shower Bethany. They tried pretty much any trick they could think of but we were not outsmarted!

I was, however, roped into plaiting Jossie's hair one night after a long day at work and this lead to the promise of doing Bethany's later in the week. The result of many plaits being in for several days is this.

I read Room by Emma Donoghue and found it the most extraordinary book. When I told people that I was reading a book about a woman who is being held in a shed against her will, like we have seen several times in the news over the last few years, they didn't think it sounded good at all. In fact, it was a fascinating read and very moving. On Wednesday I'm off to the State Library in Sydney for a Readers Advisory Seminar. I am in the working group for this and get to chair one of the sessions and have to introduce Garth Nix. I thought it would be polite to read one of his books (he mainly writes fantasy for youth) and chose Shade's Children. Now I'm going to gush all over the poor man when I meet him because I absolutely loved it! Well drawn characters to whom I was extremely attached, fascinating setting and all my favourite themes so often in fantasy books - loyalty, perseverance, sacrifice and redemption.

Speaking of sacrifice, I am up early on a Saturday morning because Liz, Megan and I have our first markets this morning. Paper Kitchen's debut. I took one of each of the cards I had made to work yesterday, just to show the girls, and I sold three! Money making is not the point of the exercise for me. Making cards is relaxing and gives a very satisfying sense of accomplishment. I do hope to make back some of the millions I spend on stamps and things....... which I will put into more stamps and things.


  1. Yes, we've missed your blogs! Have fun with the cards this morning - your cards are lovely, especially the one you sent me for my birthday. Was all set to read Garth Nix, but don't know I can go as far as "fantasy" - maybe!

  2. In Sydney on Wednesday ... are you staying overnight?