Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's not all about me

I suppose it's about time I gave an update about the kids. We had parent teacher interviews on Tuesday evening and everyone was given a good report. Bethany isn't even talking too much! It is very good to know that they are all coping well with school and that they enjoy it - long may it last!

After we went to Rachel's party last Saturday Bethany had a second party to go to. It was held at the Handstand Factory and the children had so much fun. Bethany gave Sophie one of my little cards and she wrote inside and drew a lovely picture of a princess.... with an evil hand. "I'm good at drawing evil hands" she said.

Jossie stayed in the car with me as we dropped Toby and Bethany at school one morning last week. She had an orthodontist appointment which wasn't until 9.30 so we popped in to the café I go to from work. I had a coffee, Jossie had a juice and we talked to the owner and other patrons about the many thousands of dollars that they have spent, are in the process of spending and that we will spend in the coming years on the position of teeth.

I didn't have a photo of Toby doing something interesting so I just took one at dinner. He is busy devouring the Percy Jackson books (he has read six now) and we are reading The Wizard of Rondo together. He is looking forward to soccer season (sigh) and his first piano exam later in the year.

Did anyone watch Strike Back? I watched all three episodes on iview because I'm often out or busy on Saturday nights. I'm not sure whether I really liked it or not. Obviously, Richard Armitage is a favourite because of North and South and he is also in Spooks, although his character in Spooks isn't a patch on Mr Thornton. Strike Back was reasonably amusing but I think they sacrificed character development in order to make it so very action packed. There was a lot of killing and swearing and I wasn't terribly attached to the main character. It was nice to see Toby Stephens (he played Mr Rochester in my favourite Jane Eyre adaptation) until he opened his mouth - he played an American! Still, I quite like that they had the Americans played by Brits. Spooks starts on Saturday night and I must confess to being very pleased about that.
Bethany is reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid (it is a chapter book and she is plugging away but it is a bit beyond her level), Toby is reading Heros of Olympus and Jossie has just finished Heidi which was my favourite book as a child. I'm up to The Ghost Road, which is the final book in the Regeneration Trilogy.

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  1. Oh! I could not watch Strike Back EVEN for Richard Armitage - FAR to much violence for me - can't wait for the new Spooks though.