Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Popping in

It is almost time for me to get the kids up and get ready for school and work but I have been sadly neglecting the blog so am quickly popping in to catch up. We have been busy (no surprises there) with school, work, reading, bike riding and card making. On Saturday morning Andrew went for a very long ride and the rest of us went to Collins Park to celebrate Rachel's 18th birthday. Where did the years go?!

Sandy gave a lovely little speech. They have every right to be very proud of all their daughters, such a wonderful family.

There were cute babies who make me miss my baby nieces and nephews very much.

Bethany had a great time - she is a party sort of girl and doesn't mind if the guests are mostly adults.

Christina brought a little beagle who captivated the children. This little girl shares my name. Up until this point she has cared little about our bond. She has only frowned when I say hello. Last Sunday I waved to her and she shocked me by waving back. On Saturday morning, and here is the evidence, she smiled at me!

The dog's name is Alfred.

This card reminds me of Linda and the fact that one day I would like to meet her in Paris. I think it is more likely that I will be in Paris again than she will be in Wagga. I would, of course, travel to Sydney to meet any of my far flung blogging friends if they happened to get that far!

I don't suppose I can give this card to my own mother now! If you would like me to make a Mother's Day card for you, just let me know, I will post one anywhere :)

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