Sunday, March 20, 2011


Jossie has been coming out in the mornings with the most beautifully intricate hair. I wish I had taken a  photo of the bow - she made a bow out of her hair, not a ribbon. These hairdos are the reason why she is in her room so long in the mornings but it doesn't get any tidier. She looks unimpressed because she doesn't like having her photo taken while she still has sleepy eyes.

A few weekends ago we had planned a big social day for the children. Sadly, Bethany was ill and we had to cancel three play dates and miss out on a birthday party. As this weekend was free of commitments I decided to invite Eden for the weekend for Jossie, Jacob over on Saturday for Toby and Bethany had a birthday party on Saturday. While Jossie, Eden and Toby were at Kids' Club on Friday evening I took Bethany on a 'date' with Narelle and Hannah. Narelle had a couple of jobs to do so I took the girls to McDonalds and bought them a happy meal. I was jostled in the queue by some twenty-somethings who really ought to have something better to do on a Friday evening, or at least something better to eat! The girls finished their dinner and Narelle had just bought me a chai when Bethany looked stricken and declared that she felt sick and wanted to go home! I put her straight to bed and after a fair bit of moaning she went to sleep and that was the end of it. She said that she never wants to go to McDonalds again which is fine by me!

I was most pleased to have her feeling hale and hearty on Saturday morning. She waited, sometimes patiently, until 2pm for her party. Jossie and Eden had a party at exactly the same time and I did something I have not done before - I let children use my Stampin' Up stuff. Jossie made a card for the birthday girl and this Easter card which she plans to send to Granny.

Eden made a birthday card for her sister.

And this card for her mum. It feels good to share. Jossie wants to have a Stampin' Up party when it is her birthday and I think that's a very good idea but I will do all the cutting out beforehand!

Jossie and Eden were dropped off at the pool for their party and Bethany went to her friend Louis (pronounced the French way) for a spooky party. We have plenty of princess or superhero outfits but, as this isn't America, nothing spooky. I drew scars and bolts on with eyeliner and sent her as Frankenstein's monster, not before giving her a lecture about how she wasn't Frankenstein but the monster created by the scientist named Frankenstein.

As it happens, when she was asked who she was, she just said that she had forgotten. I'll make her read the book one day.

As for what I am reading, I am half way through Jasper Fforde's The Eyre Affair. It is very funny and is about literature while also being a bit fantasy/sci-fi. I am reading, for the very first time, C.S. Lewis' sci-fi  books, the Cosmic Trilogy. Of course, Lewis is one of my most beloved authors so it isn't surprising that I am loving them. I am also about to start on the Regeneration Trilogy, recommended on Sarah's blog. It's a shame I have to go to work tomorrow as I have a lot of reading to do.


  1. You neglected to mention Toby's monster reading efforts (or Jossies for that matter)...

  2. I loved the first two books in CS Lewis' sci fi trilogy, the last one not so much. What a mind he had.

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