Monday, April 4, 2011

Bethany's best ever weekend

It started with having a friend over. Jossie and Toby didn't have friends over, just Bethany. They got crafty, ate chocolate biscuits baked by Jossie, watched a movie and had a makeover, patiently done by Joss. Here are the before photos.

After hair crimping and make-up they looked like this.

We dropped Bethany's friend home in the late afternoon and drove to Lake Albert for fish and chips with the Shepherds. Toby and Joss rode all the way around the lake with Israel and Eleanor and Bethany learned to ride her bike all by herself!

She finished this glorious day with a ride on Mr Shepherd's motorbike.

The joy did not end there. Bethany went to Hannah's after church for a play and,  after weeks of being very wobbly, her first tooth came out (with a little help from me) on Sunday night.

Bethany said it was her best weekend ever.

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  1. The first tooth! What a milestone. I'm glad Bethany had the best weekend ever....I hope there are more to come!