Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sydney by Hipstamatic

Yes, life has been a bit busy. The school holidays are now here and with the four events the library is holding for the Re:generate youth festival, along with several other events, work is a bit manic. The kids are on holidays but I am not! In half an hour I will receive the first of twenty five assignments I need to mark before we go to Katoomba next Thursday and I am out almost every night this week! Take a deep breath Amy. So, I need to post now as I may not get much opportunity in the coming week.

I had such a lovely trip to Sydney last week. The Futures Forum I attended at the State Library was excellent. Dr Mitchell Whitelaw was a highlight and I think many of us went away to reorganise our picture books collections like Darien Library.

After my last trip to Sydney Sarah asked whether I ever stay overnight and it occurred to me that I could make my flights for the following morning and catch up with her and Janice in the evening. I had a few hours to kill in between the end of the Futures Forum and meeting Janice and Sarah so I walked to Newtown from the State Library.

Once in Newtown I ordered an Earl Grey at Max Brenner and read Perelandra, the second book in CS Lewis' Cosmic Trilogy.

It was so good to catch up with Janice and Sarah, I don't think I have seen Sarah for ten years or so. I do hope we can do it again!

And, just because all good posts have a funny Bethany photo......

See you after the marking, or maybe in a well earned break.


  1. Sure was fun. Thanks for making it possible. Keen anytime. Love J

  2. Great Pic of Bethany? Is she destined for the stage?

  3. Busy as every darling.... have a good time in Katoomba! Hope your marking is done....