Sunday, February 28, 2010

Not Macarons

A busy but rewarding weekend. While Andrew was in Katoomba yesterday, Toby went to a party at Airborne Gymnastics and Jossie worked on her science project at home with Eden. I made my third attempt at macarons and had my first significant failure. Look at these sad babies with no feet.

Thankfully, failed macarons make decent biscuits so when I brought them to the Halbisches this afternoon as raspberry and white chocolate biscuits, no one seemed to miss the feet.

Andrew came home from Men's Convention at around 11.30pm and I used the evening I had without him to watch a DVD (also belonging to Tim) of a film that I love but which bored Andrew and others to tears - Lost in Translation. I think it is brilliant. "Evelyn Waugh was a man", so cool!

This evening, after having been out all day, we bought pizza and went to the Botanic Gardens. The new playground is big hit.

The sun was in the wrong spot to get a good photo of the wonky mirror in the maze. The mirror didn't make us headless, that was the sun. It did make us short and fat, though, here is the real Jossie.

The flying fox is the most fun and one day, when there aren't many people round, I'm going to have a go myself.


  1. That last pic of Bethany is one of the best ever!

  2. It is fabulous! She looks so happy! I think you could say "Lost in Translation" - lost on Andrew? maybe too much of a "chic flick" for him, not much action.... I loved it though.

  3. PS re that making of macaroons and other meringues - it is quite scientific, the amount of sugar to egg white you need, it binds the egg together and gives it substance, I think from the above photo, not enough sugar - air bubbles too pronounced. Failure with stickyness is oven-related - too hot if meringues weep - making good pav/meringues/macaroons IS DIFFICULT!

  4. It's so true, even macarons without the prized feet still taste fantastic! Only the overtly picky and difficult would knock them back! ;)

  5. I would eat those macarons, feet or no feet! Great shots of the kids....I miss you all!