Monday, February 1, 2010

The Outdoors Life

This is Bethany coming up to meet us after her first day at school. Jossie and Toby didn't start until the following day, so they aren't in their uniforms.

I had tried to prepare Bethany for the fact that she wouldn't learn to read all in one day but her brilliant teacher made a book for them called I can Read and taught them all to read it using the pictures. The very first thing Bethany said was "I can read!"

It is a great relief that she loved her first day, and has loved the following two days, we're very proud of her.

It is still hot and nasty in Wagga but we had an outdoorsy weekend anyway. On Saturday evening we went to Junee to play tennis with friends from church. OK, I didn't actually play myself, but only because I don't have any shorts that aren't so big they fall off. I really like tennis I'm just not any good at it.

Jossie was at a sleep over but Toby played really well and Gregory was very good, trying to teach Bethany at the practice wall.

We put the kids to bed just before 11pm! Thankfully, Bethany then slept until after 9am. It was really hot on Sunday so we went to cool off in the Armstrongs' pool. I need some swimmers - I sat in the shade with a cool drink.

Toby is working on his soccer skills. Here he is heading the ball while jumping in the pool.

Despite the heat, I rode my bike home from work this evening. The wind was so strong it was like riding under water but I made it home - such dedication to fitness ;)


  1. You must be very proud! :) And isn't ti a nice feeling when clothes don't fit anymore and they're too big?! :D

  2. Such an active weekend darling! Makes me feel positively slothful, we only played boules and "toss the gumboot!" So pleased Bethy is still loving school.

  3. It's strange seeing Bethany in a uniform and at school! I'm sorry to be missing it all, really. I'm sure she will be loving it. Now that you're a fraction of your former self you must go and get some swimmers!