Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Tim and I were late night Skyping last week about bacon. This may not happen to you, but for those of us who love food, it is very easy to get fixated on something you've seen. Lorraine from Not Quite Nigella made some bacon jam and Tim has been itching to make it. Given that he doesn't live in the most cosmopolitan of areas, he was fairly certain he wouldn't find proper smoked bacon so was searching for some Liquid Smoke instead. We did a little online searching and found it here. There was a minimum order so he had to buy a few more things and that is when I remembered a recipe that I was a little fixated on - cinnadoodles. I love cinnamon so jumped at the chance to get some cinnamon chips.

The package arrived and held my cinnamon chips and Celtic shirts for the bhoys (that's a football thing). Andrew and Tobes need wear nothing but Celtic gear when they aren't at work or school :)

Kristy did a great post the other day about her biscuit making adventures with Jack and I mentioned that I don't have many good cutters. That was the right thing to do because when I next saw her she had bought me some! Isn't the teapot the best cutter you ever saw?

I feel some biscuit adventures of my own coming up.

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  1. I LOVE that teapot cutter! I wonder where she got it from?