Saturday, February 13, 2010

Freedom in the rain

I have finished a long week of marking. I finished early enough on Thursday evening to celebrate by watching Midsomer Murder. Yes, I celebrate with the number one show for the over 55s......... Last night I was at a meeting but this morning had a delightful sleep in.

Bethany went to a party, this morning, that was meant to be at the new playground at the Botanic Gardens. As it almost never rains in Wagga, organising a party outside is a pretty safe bet. Unfortunately for Isabella's family it was seriously raining this morning so they had the party at their house. I dropped Bethany off and went to do the groceries. I ran into Karen at the fruit shop and we decided the brave the weather and have a coffee at the farmers' markets. We sat under an umbrella chatting and drinking our coffee and then I decided to buy some pistachios. These particular pistachios appeared on NQN's blog, thanks to Kristy, and I had a hankering for those chocolate truffles so stood, backside in the rain, chatting to the Harefield pistachio couple.

I should have taken lots of photos because pistachios are so pretty on the tree. When I exclaimed over them the man opened one up and gave it to me. It was delicious with a fresh taste and different, almost springy texture. He showed us the difference in appearance between the roasted, dried and fresh pistachios. The gorgeous green I knew about, but look at that pink!

I plan to make pistachio bread and some of those truffles. I also have some egg whites aging so I can have my first ever attempt at macarons. Photos to follow, wish me luck.

This is Bethany with her first reader. She brought it home on Thursday and it was called Dad. She read it over and over, I hope the enthusiasm lasts.

I just finished Wide Sargasso Sea which is about the first Mrs Rochester (go and read Jane Eyre immediately if you don't know who I'm talking about, or watch the Toby Stephens version on DVD). It was really interesting to witness her background and understand how she and Mr Rochester came to be where they were when we met them in Jane Eyre. Now I am reading The Elegance of the Hedgehog. I am listening to Chain Lightning by Don McLean - how I love that song.


  1. Oh wow I love the pink of the fresh pistachio! I've seen them at some stores but I've never tried them. I must give them a go next time. I hope you liked the truffles! :D

  2. Fresh pistachios are amazing. They make me think of flamingos. I'd love a pistachio tree if only I didn't kill plants. Good luck with the truffles and macarons. I am willing & able to taste test.

  3. Great looking macarons! I am too scared to try....especially in the toaster oven! Wish I was there to taste :-) It's cute seeing Bethany with her new reader! I'm sure the enthusiasm will last, if she's anything like the other two!