Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Sorry, I've been marking assignments, covering mountains of books (badly), attending information sessions at school and all the usual things as well. So, in between assignments I'll quickly catch up.

On Friday night Sonja came over for dinner. We had za-atar chicken and fattoush (no surprises there) followed by Booja Booja chocolate cake. It was a little bit crumbly but not at all dry, thanks to the almond meal.

I have been wearing the lovely red felt brooch that Sarah sent me last year as I absolutely love it. So, when she was having a sale I jumped at the chance to get a couple more.

Aren't they pretty? You can buy her things here in Aussie dollars and here in US dollars.

For all of February Bethany, and her kindergarten friends, have Wednesdays off. So, I haven't got the full effect of having all three children at school yet. I did get a taste today, though, as Narelle offered to take Bethany so I could get some marking done. She told me this story when I picked the kids up from school. Hannah said that she didn't want to die. Bethany said that it would be OK because Jesus would make her alive again. Then she suggested that they ask Jesus to use some of his magic to make them into fairies. Riiiiight.......


  1. Charlotte thinks Jesus is magic too. She also thinks that people who don't believe in Jesus can't believe in butterflies and fairies.

  2. That cake sounds fabulous and how cute are those button brooches? :D

  3. I miss Friday night dinners! And fatoush! Kid's say the funniest things, don't they?