Saturday, August 17, 2013


The blossoms are out everywhere, and while it is still cold, I know that winter is slipping away. There seem to be more people who prefer the heat, but I am definitely in winter's camp. Having a house with ducted heating helps, but I don't even mind running on a dark morning when it is zero degrees, or standing on the sidelines at soccer, feeling the cold ground through my shoes. I'm so much more of a whinger when it is hot.

Still, there are plenty of advantages to the passing of winter and I think the first one will be time. Cycling is all year round, but soccer is not. No more soccer training, that's two afternoons a week, and no games on Saturday! I don't think road season for cycling has Saturday competition either, so we could have a whole day off! That's worth looking forward to.

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  1. A litle early, but a great time of the year. Im sure you'll find something to fill the time void!!