Thursday, August 29, 2013

Just the girls

If working right through the weekend is necessary, I highly recommend doing it with an Australasian Mobile Library Network Conference. I was on the committee to organise it and it all came together beautifully. I learnt a lot, met some great people and had lots of fun. Stig Wemyss is a fabulous narrator of kids' books and has been doing a tour of the Riverina for Book Week, firing the kids up about reading. I also met author, Susanne Gervay, whose infectious passion for reading and dealing with big issues in her books has seen her awarded an Order of Australia. We insisted she wear one of the medals for the first time.
Here I am with Stig
Toby played his first two pieces for the Wagga Eisteddfod. As he, and all the years 5 and 6 kids from his school, were heading away on excursions on the actual eisteddfod day, they all played their pieces a day early. He did his usual duet with Stephanie. We don't see much of Stephanie except at eisteddfod time. Let's just say that Toby is due a growth spurt!

He played one solo as well. Three more pieces on Sunday and that is third grade piano finished.

The next morning, Wednesday, we were at school by 6.15am to wave year 6 off to Canberra. He doesn't look it, but he was very excited! That's not vegemite on his face, by the way, he had a little accident on (off) the bike.

Andrew went to Melbourne at the same time, so it's just the girls for two nights! We should be doing girly stuff, but instead we did soccer practice followed by cycling last night, and I am off to a church women's social tonight. Next time we'll watch something from the BBC..... Jane Austen, Elizabeth Gaskell, Dickens, too many to choose from.

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