Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Coffee meetings

Ah, meetings. Sometimes they are a great thing to have when you want to avoid actually doing stuff, other times they are really productive. My team has meetings every fortnight and we have always had them in my office, which has three less-comfy-than-they-look tub chairs and a coffee table. We decided last week, however, that we would have our meetings in cafes, as a way of doing something a bit social as well.
For our first cafe, I chose the Old Empire Tea Rooms, given my lovely experience there last week. We had a very good meeting with coffee, minty hot chocolate, passion fruit melting moment and tomato and basil muffin. I like this plan a lot. Especially as, after some serious rearranging last week, my office looks like this.

Hipstamatic makes it look better....

I took this photo for Tim, as his little people love a good 'chino'. 


  1. Rest assured, Tim found it very funny.

  2. We used to have "Cabinet meetings" at our office. We all met with a cup of coffee over a filing cabinet near the tea room!!!!!!

  3. Love The Empire Tea Room! Next time, I'll get a baby chino! This baby doesn't have money either....