Friday, August 23, 2013

Book Week tips

Book Week can be very difficult to prepare for, especially wen you have several children. There have been many years when I cursed Book Week! This is what I have learnt:

  1. Prepare early! There is nothing more frustrating (for you and the child concerned) to be scrounging around at the last minute, ending up with something no-one is happy with.
  2. Work backwards. If you have a good costume, a nurse's outfit or cowboy hat, go to the library and ask for a book to go with it.
  3. Sport uniforms work. If your child plays a sport outside of school, send them in the uniform. Writers try to tempt reluctant readers with books about subjects they feel passionate about. There are AFL series, soccer series, tennis series.....Writers also try to tempt reluctant readers with toilet humour, but I have never seen a child go as Captain Underpants or a psycho bum.
  4. Remember the weather and their mode of transport, they don't want to find that their outfit is ruined or ridiculed before they even get to school.
  5. If you have the time and inclination, head online where all the crafty mothers are!
It was such a joy for me, this year, to only have Bethany to dress. She wanted to be Rapunzel so I decided to devote a little time to it. I went to Pinterest and searched for a Rapunzel wig tutorail. A trip to Spotlight followed by much wool cutting and a little hand sewing and Bethany and I were both very pleased with ourselves.


  1. Well done! Fabulous effort - it looks amazing...

  2. What a fantastic effort, Bethy looks amazing and the tips you provided are worth promoting.

  3. My friends son went as captain underpants this year. Grade two...he looked pretty good, but I haven't herd how it went down. I imagine it could go horribly wrong if you get teased and have to wear those underpants as your clothes for a whole day!

    Bethanylooked wonderful and very pleased :)