Thursday, August 22, 2013


I have been having so much fun watching Bethany's soccer games that I am honestly sorry that I'll be at a conference this weekend and will miss one. Her success as goalie has continued and she tends to do half of each game in the goals and puts her body on the line for the team. Last week, another parent, whose son's enthusiasm for life rather exceeds his soccer skills, offered him $10 for every goal he gets between now and the end of the season. This was a safe bet for him, not only because his son hasn't scored a goal before, but because he was taking over from Bethany as goalie for the last half of the game. Bethany hasn't ever scored a goal either, so I made her the same offer.

The result was extraordinary! The other parents and I were crying with laughter and cheering her on, as she put in a powerful effort. She nearly got three goals and was almost unstoppable! At one stage, she had been brought to the ground in a pile of limbs and she was still kicking, trying to get it in. Such fun! I really hope she gets a goal this Saturday, she deserves it and I will consider it money well spent.

I love this sketch she did of me. She doesn't like it and has since scrunched it up. Artistic temperament!


  1. Not sure about the financial incentives! She plays so well without them!

    Love the drawing such a likeness.

  2. Oh I wish I could have seen her! I do hope she gets a goal before the season ends....

    The portrait of you should go into the Archibald Prize! She's too good.... I'm loving your eyelashes....