Thursday, August 22, 2013

Money out, money in?

Well there have been some achievements of late, and it's probably worth pointing them out. Toby ended up getting an A in his piano exam, which he was pretty happy with - that's 3rd grade done. Both Joss and Tobes rode in the Wagga Cycling Club championships and did well. We think Toby won the time trial, but won't be sure until the presentation in a few weeks. He came 2nd in the road race (feeling a bit robbed as he did most of the work at the front), and Joss rode out of her skin, also spending most of the time at the front of her race - we think she came 2nd - once again we'll have to wait to find out. Bethany has really started to come along with her violin, and I think she is showing promise. Amy of course ran her 1/4 marathon recently with everything she had - and we couldn't have been more proud.

Unfortunately all this comes at a cost (by choice of course), but I think I have a plan.

Amy is doing so well. that I'm going to have to buy her some cool gear. Joss and Tobes are now getting to the end of road season, and track season is now around the corner. They are both disturbingly dedicated, so I made the decision to purchase track bikes for them - Joss' came today, Toby's is being built and arrives tomorrow. Then there is all the clothing etc... Bethany... well... she's probably the least expensive one of the lot...

Here's my plan though...

Joss becomes a track champion and earns millions in endorsements. Toby becomes a concert pianist and travels the world buying holiday homes in exotic places with his recording royalties. Bethany carves some artwork into the back of the violin and sells it for a fortune in the name of contemporary art, and Amy completes a marathon and wins a free water bottle (she doesn't need to exceed to excess as the kids have already done that).

So - it'll all even out in the end.
All very achievable and not at all wishful thinking.

Training Tobes

Joss and the as yet unnamed new track bike


  1. Sounds like a plan to me!

  2. What a wonderful dream to have, imagine if it all came true! Even the Grandparents might get a cut??

  3. And where do you come into the equation? ;)