Tuesday, November 27, 2012


This is the stage in the build where each day can make an obvious difference.

They must have started putting up the frame yesterday and only got half of today in, if that, as we had rather a lot of rain.

I have found two mistakes so far, you really do need to pay attention!


  1. WOW! Going ahead in leaps and bounds! Totally agree about the mistakes... you really need to be watchful as even with our renovation, they went to put windows/doors in wrong places and also back-to-front! Get a good eye on them, it's easy to fix at this stage.

  2. They won't be the last either, they are builders not brain surgeons!!! Good luck!!

  3. It goes up so quickly at this stage! How exciting :-)

  4. hehe, yep I've seen enough episodes of Grand Designs to know you need to be on top of it all!!