Friday, November 16, 2012

Busy nights

I have been out every night this week and am very excited about sleeping in tomorrow morning. Even fun things, after a busy day at work, can wear you out.

On Tuesday evening I went to a Swap Party at the Civic Theatre. It is National Recycling Week and the environment and sustainability folk at the council held the Swap Party as a way for us to recycle our clothes. We all took up to five items of clothing we no longer want and swapped them for buttons at the beginning of the evening. We went upstairs to the bar with two drinks vouchers and sat on the balcony, sipping champagne and eating finger food. This is the view from the balcony.

We then went downstairs to find all the clothes organised on racks according to size and found five new things to swap our buttons for. We didn't spend a cent and had a great time, I wish they held them more often.

Last night the whole family went to school to watch the school band play with the Australian Army Band, Kapooka. The Australian Army Band, you see, is based here in Wagga and they very kindly gave a concert and collaborated with school kids! These two players are in Year 12 and have won scholarships from the Conservatorium, but the band included lots of little kids too.

The choir sang two songs as well, including a great favourite of mine, Kung Fu Fighting. The dancers even joined in with a very clever and funny martial arts routine. One of Bethany's friends came on in a pink robe and beat up the three older boys.

Our good friends, the Shephards, sat with us and we waited and waited for Israel's solo. Izzy is Andrew's trumpet student as well as our family friend. His solo came in the very last song! The stage was flat, non of the Shephards are very tall and we were worried that, even though Izzy stood up for his solo, we wouldn't be able to se him. The time finally came and we could just see his head, he was pointing his trumpet down (not a good thing, apparently) and he lifted his trumpet up just in time for me to take the photo. All you can see is the round end of the trumpet!

It was a brilliant concert and I am very glad we went, though putting an 8 year old to bed at 10pm on a school night is always less fun than it sounds.

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  1. What a week, have missed your blogs. Was wondering about the "swap" party, but should have had faith it was what it was! Sounds like fun.