Monday, November 26, 2012


I have been holding onto this post since last week. Google told me that I have used up all my free space for photos and need to start paying for more! It's all sorted now, so we are back in business.

Last Thursday evening we picked up some pizza and met the Shephards at the lake.

We, and the ducks, ate much pizza.

Monique and I then set off to walk right around the lake, leaving the menfolk with the younger generation. We came back, nearly an hour later (it's a big lake) to discover children who had gone swimming in their clothes or who took photos of their feet.

I'm glad we managed this before the weather warmed up. It is going to be 40 degrees this Friday!


  1. What were the "men" doing while you were away? Seems their babysitting skills are somewhat lacking!

  2. We got to just under 40 here yesterday - then a HUGE storm, clearing up the debris today! Lake looks so lovely and so green.