Saturday, November 3, 2012


I have had stuff to post about, and I haven't been any busier than usual, I think the hay fever has made me tired so I couldn't be bothered to blog. Disliking the heat as I do, it's hard to wish for Spring to hurry up and leave, but it has been a particularly bad year for hay fever. It makes me want to scratch my eyes right out and squash my nose flat. The trees and flowers are awfully pretty though, and last night's couple of hours filling my lungs with pollen was completely worth it as we saw the Groove Factorie doing Twilight by the Lagoon.

Every summer, the Civic Theatre puts on a free concert series called Twilight by the Lagoon. For the first concert this season, Andrew's band,  Groove Factorie, played. It starts at seven so families can come and there were hundreds of people there. They were a bit shy of the front seats in the amphitheatre (at first) but the grassy areas around the amphitheatre were packed with picnicking people.

Luckily for me, Kids' Club and Joss' youth group meet just over the road so I could drop Joss over at 7.30 and pick Bethany and Toby up to watch the rest. Toby found friends and spent a lot of time enjoying the music while playing, but Bethany shuffled closer and watched by herself.

The Groove Factorie band is made up of core musicians and they invite lots of local singers to sing with them. The music was great and the Civic Theatre said it was one of their biggest Twilight concerts ever.

Now, I was planning on getting some work done in the garden this weekend. I wish I had a gas mask!

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  1. What a great night! Wish we could go to things like that!