Sunday, November 4, 2012


When we lived in Estella, I rode my bike seven kilometers to work, and the same back home, twice a week. Since we have been in town, my bike has been languishing in the garage at work as there is no bike lane on my route home and much more traffic, so  find it much easier to walk. I may be taking a break from riding, but the rest of the family are getting right into it. I never would have predicted that Joss would become super keen on cycling. She has always been a bit more like me on the sporting side of things, but yesterday, she volunteered to ride twenty kilometers to our block and back.

She is getting too big for her bike and, considering it is a mountain bike and Andrew and Toby were both on road bikes (which are much lighter and faster) she did really well. When they were at the fifteen kilometer mark Andrew texted me to see what was for dinner. I thought he might have been thinking about going out, or getting takeaway, but he just wanted to give Joss motivation as she was flagging. We were having lamb cutlets and that did give her a second wind!

Lycra is extraordinary stuff, isn't it? The outfit Joss is wearing belongs to me! It looks very relaxed on Joss, it has to work a lot harder on me......

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