Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Side fringe

I didn't know that a side fringe was a real thing, but Bethany has been asking for one for ages. I finally gave in, picked her up after school and took her to the hairdresser. She's awfully pleased with it.

Joss and Toby have exams next week, but for Food Technology, Joss had to make something at school this week. They had the choice of making a recipe set by the teacher, or bringing in  ingredients for a recipe of their own choosing. Apparently, most of the boys just made what the teacher chose, a chicken dish, and the girls all made something sweet. Joss gave me her shopping list on Monday and I spent $30 on ingredients for her triple chocolate cheesecake! $30! We have never tasted any of the things she has made at school this year because they all share them with their friends at lunch. I insisted that the $30 cheesecake come home. By all accounts, it is delicious, in small doses.....


  1. Great haircut, and so tempting the choccy cake! Good luck with the exams.

  2. So all the food groups then? White chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate? What more could you want?

    Side fringe looks great!