Friday, November 14, 2014

Coming home

Oops! It has been a week since I came home from Mudgee, Christmas is galloping towards us. It was such a great conference and Mudgee is a lovely town. They have restored their old buildings and there are cafes everywhere. I snuck out one afternoon to go to a cafe with Liz and Ian (so great to see them) and we stopped in there again on our way to the AGM of the NSW Public Libraries Association, just before the long drive home.

I arrived just in time to unpack my bag and take Bethany to an evening recital. The last one she had was just for her teacher's students and only went for around ten minutes. Three teachers brought their students together for this, and though she was very nervous, Bethany's performance went off without a hitch.

Sometimes Toby and I are a little bit silly before his piano lesson, in those last precious weekend hours. He has freckles!

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  1. Super Mum returns, recognise those eyes (eye) anywhere.