Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Conference time

Not the best time to leave my family, in the middle of exams and when Andrew has a big show on, but the NSW Public Libraries conference is when it is, so off to Mudgee we go. It is held in Sydney one year, and the country the next.

It's around a six hour drive from Wagga and there are twelve people here from our regional library, but six travelled together in two cars. We were to stop for coffee at Young, so I messaged my friend Sue, who lives there, to find the best coffee. She recommended the Art of Expresso and, of course, I almost baulked on the grounds of spelling, but when I Googled the location, found the spelling issue was hers! She must have been yanking my chain.

For lunch, we were to be in Bathurst, so I messaged Janice to get her recommendations. I was concerned that Sweet Caramel didn't sound very promising for lunch, but it was a winner.

We arrived in Mudgee and I immediately went into town to visit Liz and Ian who moved from Wagga a couple of years ago, then got ready for the conference's welcome event.

Yes, it's a hard life.


  1. Lucky you have friends in all the "ports" Suppose you'll have the same gourmet plan on the way home!

  2. All looks amazing! It's not as difficult as it used to be to get good coffee and food in rural areas.... always good to get others tips - without yours we wouldn't have found Long Track!