Friday, November 7, 2014


I went to the opening of the refurbished Henty Library on Friday, don't you love their board book owl? His name is Owlbert.

After work Toby and I went back to the physio to free his arm from its hot, fibreglass cast. He says it felt weird, and now he has a skinnier, less tanned arm. Toby loves having his photo taken.

It was perfect timing as the weather has warmed right up. We got out the water slide for Bethany and remembered when the Melbourne cousins played on it with us.

Now, Toby and I are at piano lessons, and he can play with both hands this week!

We're really looking forward to this time next week, when all exams will be over!


  1. I'm sure the exams will, as usual, produce great results.... LOVE Owlbert!

  2. Know that freedom feeling, hope there's not too much physio needed. How's Andrew going with his arm?