Thursday, November 13, 2014


It was a really great conference, lots of fabulous speakers, both local and international. Four days with no cooking or washing , with only myself to organise, is always pleasant, too, though I'll have to catch up over the weekend.

Library conferences are very social, with events on each night. The conference dinner on the final night had the vague theme of 'country class'. We interpreted that as we wished and sat in our finery having pre- dinner drinks on the verandah.

The meal was nice, Adam Spencer was a great emcee and mentioned Chrissie and me on stage as we asked for a selfie with him as he waited to go on. We also took this attempt at a shelfie - it's a thing, you know.

Unfortunately, the music did not live up to expectations, and though I did manage to dance a bit, I gave up in disgust after about eight Elvis songs, including one that was played twice in a row!

I was so disappointed. Thankfully, we are going to go dancing during my work Christmas party, it had better be good!

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  1. You're spoilt for music though! Glad it all went well, hope the domestics aren't too much!