Thursday, May 17, 2012

In the sun

Two posts in as many days! I am supposed to be cleaning the house, but after hanging out two loads of washing in a sunless corner of the garden, my usually white fingers are pink with their effort to ward off frostbite and I have them wrapped around a latte, thawing out. That's a genuine reason, not an excuse. See? Sunless corner!

Thankfully, the house itself is warm as toast with lots of heating options. We really thought we would be renting something decidedly unappealing while we build, but this federation cottage is very pretty.

I love Japanese maples. I must remember that and put one into our garden at the new house.

I have always wanted a window seat. I haven't exactly been drowning in free time as yet, but I can see this being a favourite spot to sit and read. So far, I have sorted washing and done the ironing there which doesn't suit the romance of a window seat at all.

Life is full of unromantic things, so I shall go and clean in the hope that I can settle there later with Charlotte Brontë (I am reading Vilette), as is only fitting.

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