Saturday, May 19, 2012

The city of good sports

 You would think that at least one of my children would take after me and both dislike and be terrible at sport, wouldn't you? No, this winter we have all three doing sport and loving it.

Bethany is playing soccer for the first time and displaying no fear, she gets right in there. Last week, while I was at the WINGS conference, she was goalie in the second half and made many heroic saves.

I am so very, very thankful that she and Toby have their training at the same time and place as each other. There are many families who aren't that lucky. So, I am perfectly content despite the growing dark, cold and damp at the practice field. 

Can you see Toby training? Apparently he scored three goals and I confess that it wasn't the gloom that prevented me from seeing them, it was Lucy Snowe, in my book. The other parents were sitting in their  warm cars!

Jossie is still loving netball, especially as it allows her to keep up with friends from her old school, and Toby loves soccer as much as he ever did. I am going to dress warmly, bring coffee and not take my book out for the whole game.

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  1. I remember all the knitting I did watching soccer... I would love to see them all play this year! Lots of love to them and to you.. MUM XXXX