Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunday afternoon

We aren't tired yet of being able to walk or ride everywhere, in fact I think it will be what we miss most when we move back to Estella. Joss, Andrew and Bethany rode to church this morning and as Toby's bike had a flat tire, he and I walked together. We walk past what used to be a convent but is now a catholic school. This statue of Jesus is dedicated to the memory of J.K. O'Reilly, and Toby thought that was J.K. Rowling for a minute.

After lunch Andrew went over to Lachlan and Corinne's to listen to music, Toby and Joss were having some screen time so Bethany and I took Milo for a walk.

Some of her plaits have a distinct Pippy Longstocking feel after being slept on and squished in a helmet.

Our closest park is Collins Park with Narnia style lamp posts.

Bethany, after she got over the fact that my camera is not like my phone and can't switch to pointing at her face rather than outwards, got right into photography.

I think she could have gone closer as she was trying to show the pretty patterns on the bark.

It took lots of attempts (imagine the film wastage that would have occurred in our youth!) but she finally captured Milo face on. Unfortunately the camera decided to focus on the stick she was using to get his attention.

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  1. Strange to be looking at the Autumn leaves there. Spring here but not mutch to show for it - rocks everywhere!