Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hand to hand combat

Once the sport is over, Jossie's netball game finishes at 12, we are free to get on with either social or restful weekend occupations. This weekend, we have gone for social. Ross, Alexis and Vinnie were up from Melbourne and came over for lunch. Despite a huge lunch of lasagne (Toby's request), pearl cous cous salad and baked cheesecake (I sweetened it with dextrose so I could have some too), Toby and Vinnie managed a good wrestle on the trampoline. Lexie patted Milo while she digested.

She said it was a shame that Milo wasn't smaller so he could sit on her lap. Andrew proved that he can be a lapdog.

After saying goodbye to the Hunters we went out for afternoon tea! Toby and Bethany made room for lots more food but I drew the line at a cake-pop just before dinner so we saved them for dessert. It is a marvel that Toby is so thin.

You may be able to tell from the following photo that Andrew did not join us at afternoon tea. Yes, that is a lycra outfit. Bethany did two plaits herself before bringing me a pile of elastics so she could have crinkled hair in the morning.

High five!

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