Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy Library Week

Or, as Bethany says, Happy Liberry Week. We're not doing anything huge to celebrate. We had a Law Week event on Monday, I ran the last of the current set of e-reader classes yesterday afternoon, we are taking people on tours of the library (I never knew you had a downstairs!) and indulging in some spine poetry. We made lots and lots of badges to give away. Our badge maker is so cool.

We gave library customers morning tea.

Now, I'm glad it's Wednesday night. I have done 22.5 of my 28 library hours and can spend tomorrow relaxing washing and cleaning. After work today I walked home, took Joss to netball training, picked Tobes and Beth up from the bus stop and took them grocery shopping, cooked dinner while supervising homework, cleaned up from dinner, made a curry for tomorrow night and read with Bethany. The children are now in bed so it's time for a little pot of the Earl. French Earl Grey to be exact, only I'm not sure the French have earls and they would probably be Gris rather than Grey but I do like the pretty flowers.

I don't get out of my work clothes, I simply put my Ugg boots on.

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  1. Looks anything but relaxing, all that is, except the tea which looks fantastic.