Monday, May 30, 2011

It's Your Library

Two weeks of refurbishment at the library is over! It was a lot of hard work and the work is not quite finished yet but we opened the library this morning to lots of people who came for all the things they always get from the library plus cake. Despite spelling the three little words over the phone and then faxing them through to the bakery, Claire still had to add the apostrophe and dot the i.

People said very nice things all day about the changes we have made.

I could have done with a quiet weekend after all that physical work but Andrew went away for work and I had to do sport all by myself. No sleep in for me as I had to get Toby (Bethany came too) to soccer by 8.45. Once he was settled I walked over to the coffee van (it was foggy and very cold) and spent 20 minutes waiting for my coffee. In those twenty minutes Toby scored his two goals. Oops, a bit of a parenting fail there. I did see his brilliant save when he was goalie.

We drove home after soccer and picked up Jossie, who did get a sleep in, and took her to netball. They were outclassed by their opponents but Jossie played a good game. It was foggy all morning, the sun coming out just as we left the courts. I cooked and cleaned all afternoon, getting ready for my friends to come over to eat dessert and make cards. I had vanilla rose poached apricots, custard (proper custard), cinnamon poached pears and lemon yoghurt cake. We made these two cards.

The bottom one has faux mother of pearl on it which doesn't photograph very well. I do like it a lot.

After a busy morning at church I really wanted a quiet afternoon so I did some more washing (where does it all come from?) and watched L'homme du train on DVD. It was a lovely, quiet and thoughtful French film. I watched it from start to finish, uninterrupted. Downton Abbey was not treated with the same respect by Channel Seven. It is so disruptive to have a drama interrupted every five minutes for mindless advertisements. I'm afraid I cannot do it again so this morning I organised for Downton Abbey, season one, to be sent to my house from the UK for less then $18.

I read this book because I thought it had a very beautiful cover. I thought the same about Margaret Drabble's The Red Queen and her sister, A.S. Byatt's, The Children's Book and loved both of them. The Commoner, however, did not live up to promise. I suppose it was a bit dull unlike Cloudstreet and Never Let Me Go which I have also read recently. Now I am reading a light Kate Morton book, The Distant Hours and am enjoying it very much. How I love to spend time in England during wartime (in a book).

Andrew and his friend Shep are right up with the trends. They have been trying to out-plank each other all week. There was a little tiny bit of planking going on at the library while we were closed but we took no photos as we want to keep our jobs. Our children, however, have no jobs. Andrew sent me this photo while I was at Bible Study. I love the pointed toes. Bethany doesn't do things by halves.

Looking forward to hearing your baby news Sue :)

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  1. Did they get the work experience kid to ice that cake? Maybe I'm just sad I missed out.