Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Putting my feet up

I'm at home today, nursing a sprained calf muscle. My first ever dance injury, I'm very impressed, even if I was just dancing by myself on Just Dance 2. Dance injury sounds a lot better than Wii injury, don't you think? Maybe dancing in a freezing room at 6.30 in the morning is not a good idea. I don't want to waste precious dancing time on stretching to warm up..... I'll worry about that once I have stopped hobbling around.

A day off with my feet up would have been so delightful if I didn't have these assignments to mark. I can't wait until I have finished! I suppose we appreciate freedom so much more after we have been enslaved. What, melodramatic, me? And I wonder where Bethany gets it from.

Mum and Dad came to stay for a couple of nights last week on their way down to Melbourne for the twins' first birthday. We love it when they come to stay. They were able to help us complete Bethany's first proper project. It's on transportation. She really wanted to use my stamps, that's why the birds are there.

I had a big pad of paper for the project and Bethany has loved doing some big drawings. We particularly like this one of ladybird girls looking discombobulated by a real ladybird.

On Saturday Jossie and I picked up her friend Lilli and I dropped them at the movies. This is the first time Jossie has been to the movies without an adult so I came in to check that they got their tickets and food without any problems. I gave Jossie $20 and Lilli had $25 so imagine my surprise when Jossie came running over to me asking for $2! Remember that this is the country and we don't pay the same ridiculous prices charged in metropolitan cinemas. I had left my wallet in the car so Joss went back to the counter and told the lady that they wouldn't need the Mars Pods. Just the ticket, popcorn, drink, chupa-chup and sour skittles then.

Lilli then stayed the night at our place and wore off the sugar high playing Twister.

I left Andrew with the kids and went to a chocolate fondue night with my friends from church. Look at all of that healthy fruit.

Sara has her own collection of pretty tea cups. Not quite as pretty as mine....

Mum and Dad came back last night, on their way home from Melbourne and Mum minded the children while Dad took me to the doctor. I had heard a noise when my leg had commenced hurting a lot (during what was going to be a top score for Franz Ferdinand's Take Me Out. My enthusiasm for Just Dance 2 cannot be dampened) so thought I had better check that it was nothing serious. It's a terrible shame not to be able to ride by bike in to work when it is minus one outside.

Yes, my bike is the dirty one. Do you think the others wash their bikes when they get to work?


  1. I'm interested in the Fondue pictures. Is that a big painting of the Queen in the feature wall section?

    I'd not have picked Wagga as the homeland of monarchism...

  2. You'll have to meet my friend Sara's husband, Dave, one day Tim. I think you'd like him :)

  3. I hope the leg heals quickly and you can be back up and dancing soon. Be sure to bring the game with you when you head south....!

    I LOVE Bethany's pictures. She has the most amazing imagination.

  4. What did the Doc say? Can you Dance again soon? I need someone to compare scores with!

  5. We love visiting! Just wish it could be for longer... next time! Hope your leg is better, my back is getting better every day....