Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Free Weekend

I finished my marking! I found it a hard slog this semester, I must confess. The assignments all took longer than the time I am allocated and perhaps I am tired of telling people what to do. Well, in this context anyway. My extended absence from the blog calls for a dot point, photo heavy, catch up.

Very popular on Facebook was the adventure of Bethany's haircut.

She had been asking for a long time to have her hair cut into a bob with a fringe.

Jossie would also love a fringe but has a serious cowlick in the way of that dream.

Jennie, my friend and hairdresser, admirably put up with the constant chatter.

Bethany was, and still is, thrilled with the result.

Bethany went to Noah's Ark for Laura's birthday party. Surprisingly, she isn't fearless when it comes to play equipment and has, in the past, shown great hesitation when it comes to the big slide. She seems to be over that hesitation now. I haven't seen many children go down this way.

Milo got a new bed and he loves it.

Jossie complained of a sore throat last Monday and ended up feeling very ill. I took her to the doctor on Tuesday and she had tonsillitis so stayed home for a couple of days. I was home with her for one of the days but for the other we left her with instructions to do something other than play the Sims on Dad's computer. She produced these drawings as evidence that she did move from the study.

Bethany loves to copy drawings so did this one of herself in the same style. She is holding a pencil and her homework.

Then she added her own special touch to the next one.

Toby handed in all his well done cards and merit awards and received a Principal's Award at assembly. He will now get a pizza lunch with the principal.

Last night  a few work friends and I went over to Shell's for pizza, card making and Just Dance 2.!

Just Dance 2 is not only excellent exercise but it is also educational. Thanks to Boney M's Rasputin, Toby wants to learn some Russian history.


  1. It was such a relaxing night last night! I had a lot of fun and am very glad I could go! Rasputin makes me want to know more about russian history too!!!

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  3. hahaha - that's so funny! thanks for the catch up! does Bethy's hair stay like that all the time? it looks so neat!