Thursday, June 30, 2011

Early Birthday

Bethany turns seven a week from tomorrow and, being a last minute sort of a person, I hadn't given much thought to how she would celebrate her birthday at school - tomorrow is the last day of school for 3 weeks. When I arrived to pick up the kids this afternoon, I was informed that the birthday celebration is to be held tomorrow so could I please bake 23 cupcakes? We had three parent/teacher interviews in the late afternoon and then celebrated three excellent reports by going out to dinner. Bethany hopped into bed and drifted off to the sweet sound of my Kitchen-Aid making 23 butterfly cakes. Thanks to Nigella for the recipe (I added cocoa).

Here is a photo of Toby and his duet partner at Sunday's piano recital. I love his concentrating face. One little boy wore a red bow tie making us feel a bit bad about Toby's ripped jeans!


  1. Wow. Short notice! A friend and her daughter call those fairy fluffy wing cakes. They looked fab. Maybe Toby was going for the the rock'n'roll look. The only people I know who wear bow ties are Gynaecologists!

  2. Don't you love the last minute cakes? It's worse when you're a chef and people just expect you to magic them up in an instant!