Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just Dance

 It would be tiresome to tell you that we have been very busy. Tiresome and terribly boring. Next week I will receive the second lot of assignments for this, the last semester I will accept marking for a long time. So, if I want to bore you with the busy details, I had better do it now.

After a week of hard, physical work in the library I was looking forward to a fun-filled weekend. Andrew did the sport duties while I took Bethany to a party, for a little while, before we raced over to the school for Bethany to dance during the school fete. Here she is with three little, blonde friends.

It was near impossible to get a photo of her on stage that wasn't just black, red and white blurs. She had so much fun on stage. So much that she stood out. It was really fun to watch. I had to take her back for the rest of the party after her dance!

After the party and sport were over we all met up at the fete. I will confess that I wasn't really looking forward to it but I am very glad I went. I had a very good coffee, though I should not have chosen to have lemon meringue pie for lunch. That wasn't a healthy choice. Bethany was full of party pies so she had her face painted. You can tell by the way that she is smiling so hard her eyes have almost disappeared, that she was pleased with the design.

Jossie had her hair painted and wore bouncy boots. Andrew and Shep had a go on them too, the fun wasn't just for the kids!

Not far from the lemon meringue pie was a classroom with a Wii set up so that, for 50 cents, you could play Just Dance 2 with three others. Bethany did it with her three little friends and it was so funny. Jossie did it too and though I refrained from embarrassing my children in front of their friends and teachers, I decided that we would buy that game. On the way home from the fete. We have hardly stopped playing it. I get up early just to dance a few songs before work.

Here is Bethany, showing you how it is done.

Toby likes to be involved, but only by watching. Andrew takes photos and videos when we don't know he is doing so. I love this game so much, I could dance all day.

Bethany came to work with me on Friday night when I had a book launch. She was very well behaved, being kept amused by Hipstamatic on my phone. Here is one of her photos. The rest, and there were many more, were all of empty chairs.

If you want to see photos of the library refurbishment, you'll find them on Facebook on the Wagga Wagga City Library page. One of the best new additions is the pair of pod chairs. They are comfortable in the extreme and very quiet inside.

I imagine they are less quiet the more people you have in at one time.

At church Bethany and Toby made a large pile of autumn leaves. They weren't quite finished by the time the service started and they were most concerned that someone would come and jump in it before they had a chance to. An elderly couple started walking down the path and Bethany yelled "Don't jump in our leaves"! They then piled lots of cushions up and sat next to the window (hanging out at some points) to keep an eye on it. After church the leaves flew everywhere as all the kids joined in.

I have had a good many discussions about Spooks since Saturday night. Some people are very sad about Lucas. I disliked him so much by the end that I didn't cry one bit. I am, however, very concerned about the possibility of Spooks without Harry. They can't do that, can they?


  1. I love the picture of Bethany with her face painted, she's so cute! You sound incredibly busy!

    Also, I love that it's Autumn for you now, just as we're heading into our hot hot summer.

  2. This is totally my girls too!!!

    How can the kids NOT jump in the leaves!