Friday, May 6, 2011


Oh, silly me. I went for the highly technical option of signing out and back in again and we're away. I should have gone into IT....

Of course, I have no time for a proper post but will quickly catch up with a few photos from my week.

Andrew and the kids bought me a new camera for my birthday! It takes very nice photos and I like it very much. Margot took this photo of me and Jeannie at my desk - we didn't pose.

We were so happy because there was cake. Jeannie made lemon cupcakes and black bottom cupcakes. There was also a chocolate ripple cake, caramel tart and chocolate macarons. Apart from a little pumpkin and lentil soup, I ate only cake that day (any ties between that and the fact that I fell ill and couple of days later cannot be confirmed).

Tuesday wasn't much better nutritionally. Kristy doesn't work on Mondays so she made baklava for Tuesday. I didn't keep count of how many diamonds I ate. It was SO delicious and I kept eating to remind me of poor Kristy who was sick and had to send the baklava in with her husband! Thanks Simon.

Playing with my new toy, I took this photo of my desk.

This is the view to the left of where I sit. The table is not always loaded with cake. Really.

This last photo is of the concrete floor we have been 'enjoying' since the flood last November. The carpet has been ordered,  the library is going to close for two whole weeks so come in soon and load up on books and DVDs! We will be closed from the 16th to the 30th of May. Fabulous new library on its way..... (we are changing more than the floor....).

I'll be back after my weekend when I will also tell you about the wonderful early Mother's Day Andrew and the kids gave me last night. I love my family!

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