Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Jack de Crow

Oh, yes, I can make any day about books! Yesterday was the day that Joss and Andrew had a tour at Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey). It was only for the two of them because the regular tours aren't running on the days when we are in the area, only the special tours with restricted numbers, morning tea and signed copies of Lady Carnarvon's books. You can imagine that such a tour is much more expensive than the regular sort, so those of us who have no connection (Tobes and Beth) or who actively disliked all but the first series of Downton (I loved the first, bought the second and was completely cured by watching it - too much!), did not attend.

They had a cracking time; Joss got a bit teary. They both posted on Instagram and Facebook, but these are the photos they sent us:

Toby has school work to do. Yes, that is a shame, but it can't be helped, so a day at home was just the ticket. Bethany and I kept busy with the animals.

 We walked down the road to the canal and were able to see the locks in action. I have never seen a lock work, so that was fascinating, and we even helped open and close one. Travelling down a canal is a slow business.

We sat with our feet in the water and I thought about Sandy Mackinnon on his great adventure in Jack de Crow. If you haven't read it, I recommend it very highly. Cracking book, lovely fellow.

Joss and Andrew returned around 4.30, and after some soccer in the field behind us, we went into Melksham to try a new supermarket. It shouldn't be as much fun as it is; at home, I do my shopping online so I never have to go in!

Sainsburys is huge, and we exclaimed over everything (they have alcohol in regular aisles). The owners of the farm we are staying at, brought over fresh steaks from their own cows, and we had a lovely BBQ, followed by strawberries and cream. Delightful.

It gets dark so late here in summer. I went on a walk and took the photo below at around 10pm.


  1. Mum missed twilight when she came to Aus

  2. The downside in Scotland in the winter, is that it gets dark at 4 pm in the winter but I loved childhood summers of being outside at 10pm.