Friday, June 29, 2018

Heading north

We have been here for more than a week, now, though we have only slept in two places. Today we left the south behind, but as we drove north, we stopped at Icomb, in the Cotswolds.

I love how you are able to go into churches; that they are left open for people to come into and have a look. There is so much history here. Church history, village history, and also family history.

When my grandfather and his brothers were young, they had a younger cousin come to live with them. Her name was Vanda, but they called her Bunny. Ten years ago we went to stay with her, and her daughter Cally, at her beautiful home, called Guys Farm, in Icomb. She was so very sweet to us, and the house and village so lovely, that we were keen to drop in with the kids during this trip.

Sadly, Aunty Bunny died earlier this year, but today we dropped in and met her other daughter, Debby. We had a totally delightful visit, not only because the village, house and garden are looking spectacular at this time of year. It was also wonderful to connect with a family member for the first time.

We sat in the garden and chatted over elderflower cordial, coffee, and pastries.

Debby told us of another Downton Abbey location nearby, but by the time we left, we really didn't have time to explore it as we still had a couple of hours left to drive.

Now we are in a completely new part of England, though it, too, has family connections. We are in Matlock, not far from Chesterfield, where my Granny grew up. We are in a  house with the steepest steps! Tomorrow, we're going to Thornfield Haddon Hall, and I am so excited.


  1. Lovely to see Guys Farm, I won’t see it again I don’t suppose. Such a beautiful house, such a beautiful village

  2. Great you could catch up with family! Brings back fond memories for me too!