Monday, June 25, 2018


After a very bookish day yesterday, we did something television-related when we left London. We went to Dibley! It's really called Turville.

We have all watched the Vicar of Dibley many times over the years, and when Andrew discovered it was not far from London, we decided to go there first after picking up our car at Heathrow.

We drove down narrow roads which were like tunnels because of the trees, and came out into the sweetest village. Everything looked smaller than on TV, but it was definitely recognisable, and completely delightful.

After a delicious lunch at the village pub, we climbed a hill for the view. It was a steep climb, especially when one is full of venison pie and cider, so we were pretty pleased with ourselves.

 Bethany wasn't up for the challenge, however, and sat on a rock at the bottom of the hill, and wrote in her journal.

It was sad to say goodbye to London, but tonight we are staying at a farm on a hill, and tomorrow we go to Bath (back to bookish).


  1. Venison Pie! Now you're talking and a steep climb to walk it off! Thanks for the car photo Andrew! How's the car - enough room for you all and Jossies expanding case?

    1. The car is good! It’s a Citroen. The cases currently fit in the back.....