Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Silly indeed

How very boring to be one of those adults who complains about the "silly season". I would have liked to feel the magic, but somehow, this year, it was all rather hectic.

In my last, long ago now, post, I talked about my library conference. It was very busy (I gave a 45 minute presentation and two, one and a half hour workshops at the outreach services symposium on the Tuesday, and did the wrap-up at the end of each day of the conference proper), but brilliant. I love gathering with librarians from across the state, hearing great talks and having fun with colleagues. Our conference dinner was on the final night, so all of my responsibilities were over, and the disco theme was right up my alley.

I kid you not, that Fitbit recorded 189 minutes of exercise, and I danced over 25,000 steps. Librarians know how to party, and my dancing always gets an A plus for enthusiasm.

I parked under a tree at the conference, and the white, council owned car, was no longer white when I returned to it. Not being much of a car person, Joss accompanied me to the coin-operated car wash to try and sort it out. It was surprisingly fun, and I enjoyed the sight of her turquoise hair with the pink foam.

For me, decorating, and relaxing, come to think of it, means candles. I love these little, twiggy, birds.

Toby had work experience at a law firm, as his final Year 10 school week. Of the five days, he only really enjoyed one, when he went to court. Is law the boy for him? I don't know, and maybe it shouldn't be; have you read/seen Bleak House?! Still, he has plenty of time yet.

Christmas 2017 was the first with Mum and Dad living in Wagga. It has been almost inexpressibly wonderful, having them in town. Being able to drop in unannounced, drinking coffee, tea, wine and gin and tonics. Sharing celebratory, as well as no reason at all, dinners. So good.

So, for the first time, all of my side of the family was in Wagga for Christmas. Count them; that's 18 people around my table! Technically, there are two tables there, but it was so great to fit in one space.

Whole family photos on the wooden steps at Tahlee are no longer possible, but we have gained someone to take the photo for us, thanks Ryan! Complete with sunbursts.

It wasn't as hot as it had been, and has been since, but there was still a massive water fight with every child (even the older ones) armed with a super soaker, and a laundry basket full to the brim with water balloons for the adults. Thankfully, we took this photo beforehand, as everyone was bedraggled in the aftermath!

I had two weeks off all together. It wasn't all reading time, though, with Christmas, and then our other regular cousin visit for January, but I did get through this modest pile.

I especially enjoyed The Hate U Give, The Choke, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine and The Essex Serpent. Now, I am back at work.......... at least the air-conditioning in my office is perfect.

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