Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Back to school

There has been an ad playing, on Instagram, where a woman does a happy dance because school is going back. I still have two at school, but I am far from doing a happy dance. Not only are school supplies, shoes in particular, frighteningly expensive, but our lives get so much busier during term time. There will be two lots of tennis lessons, piano lessons, maths tutoring, Saturday sport, Bible study and youth group. I have to make school lunches, iron white cotton shirts and pester encourage people to do their homework. It all definitely makes you appreciate the holidays! At least I am not having to get up five hours earlier than I am used to, tomorrow!

Andrew's parents came to stay for a week, which was lovely. It was especially relaxing for them as it was so hot; they pretty much couldn't leave the house! They had the house to themselves in the morning, too, as the kids didn't get up until lunchtime.

Facebook told me that a friend from school drove to Tasmania with her family, so we took the opportunity on their way back to have breakfast together as they drove through Wagga. Daphne hasn't changed a bit, despite the fact that our next school reunion will signify 30 years since we left. That feels at once astounding and perfectly reasonable. It was so lovely to see her, and her husband and two daughters. I think we should organise a much smaller reunion, just for old friends....

Pierre belongs to my hairdresser, and he is a tireless ball chaser. Really, tireless. I love it when his ears go inside-out, and I think sausage dog legs are just the funniest.

Our visitors left as the heavens opened. It rained for hours, slow and steady. We opened up the whole back door to enjoy it.

The rain was so heavy, the countryside disappeared.
The clouds lifted.

The colours popped.
This afternoon I rode home from work in the rain. It's so much nicer than the burning sunshine, though I can't wear my glasses!

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