Monday, January 15, 2018

Growing up, not out

Toby turned sixteen yesterday. He's significantly taller than I am, skinny as ever, and not at all keen on having his photo taken.

His chosen birthday dinner was enchiladas and malteser cake, which we shared with Mum and Dad and the Melbourne cousins. I didn't get any photos of him on his actual birthday; having us all sing to him was trial enough for the poor boy, but I did sneak a couple today.

See what I did here? It's a photo of his drone, he just happens to be in it. It sounds like a huge mosquito, and looks a little scary with those green eyes.

I find this next photo represents him pretty well. If he isn't moving (tennis, soccer, basketball, running), then he'd like to be gaming.

Now, he just has to sit the test for his Learner's permit, and we can start getting the 120 hours of driving required for his licence! Four drivers in the family!

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