Saturday, July 9, 2016

Birthday girl

Twelve years old! Though little is not a word that applied to her as a baby, she is our little girl now. Small in stature, significant in personality and much loved.

We woke everyone up to do presents before I went to work. Joss and Tobes went straight back to bed afterwards as school holidays are in full force and the Tour is on so late mights are de rigueur.  Bethany joined me in town at lunch time and we went to sushi train (her favourite) and branched out by eating from the menu rather than the train. We had soft-shelled crab and a chicken karaage bento. The Junee Licorice Factory was there for the school holidays, so Bethany made her own chocolate freckle.

My favourite birthday dinner while growing up, was wiener schnitzel, something I don't think I have ever cooked for myself. I don't remember if I had a dessert. I love how Bethany, who has a mother who can cook, and even enjoys it, asks for tortellini carbonara and chocolate ripple cake. The whole meal is virtually just assembly.

The day lasted especially long as we set up a bed in front of the television and let her stay up for the whole stage of the Tour. What a fabulous way to end a great day!

You can always count on Bethany to appreciate presents; wearing your heart on your sleeve has some advantages, and the joy is lasting as the first thing she did after breakfast this morning (she got up at 10.45 after her late night!) was get out her new fountain pen with blackcurrant coloured and scented ink and start writing a letter. I can't promise it will be followed through all the way to being posted, but it is a good beginning. Long live letter writing!


  1. Sounds like a lovely day for a lovely girl. xxx

  2. I was the lucky recipient of one of her letters. (yes, it did get posted!) Such elegant writing and profound thoughts. Thank you Bethy. I'm told I'm getting a pen for my birthday and will reciprocate - I hope just as eloquently! Love Bop