Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Solitude is not something I get a lot of. Though I have my own office at work, my door is open and the building is small, so we work as a team. At home, while everyone has plenty of extra-curricular activities (I certainly know this as I am one of two people driving five people to said activities), they don't occur at the same time, or they involve all of us at once. I am an extrovert, I love my family, so I don't need a lot of time alone, but when Andrew suggested that he take all three children to Canberra for a couple of days during the holidays, I was both excited for them, and excited for me!

Before they went, though, we had Saturday at home. Bethany and I took the letter she wrote, plus one I wrote using her fabulous fountain pen, and walked down to the post box. At least, I walked, she rolled and gripped my hand. Roller shoes take some getting used to.

Ten ladies gathered around my table and bench to make cards and eat cake on Saturday evening. One day I may remember to take a photo during the chaos. Nigella's malteser cake is always a winner.

After church, while I was at a meeting, Andrew and the kids left for Canberra. So, I returned to a quiet house. As it is school holidays, I had no lunches to make and no white shirts to iron. I spent some time in the kitchen, making a huge pan of bolognese (to be involved in Joss' birthday dinner) and my favourite beef casserole while the stage from Saturday night replayed on SBS. At dinnertime I went up to Jane's. Steve is at uni church on Sunday nights, so Jane made us both big bowls full of pork dumplings and we watched Escape to the Country. Bliss.

Regular updates on Monday assured me that the kids were having a wonderful time - the zoo, shopping, walking, Mexican food, pizza, the Mint, the Art Gallery. Having decided that a whole day at home, all by myself, was not to be passed up, I took Monday off. I woke naturally, drank tea, read books, drank coffee, played with the bunny and watched cycling and The Gilmore Girls. I wore my tracksuit pants and left the house only once, to walk Milo. It was weird, in a very good way. I even went to bed early(ish). This was made possible by the fact that the cyclists were also having a rest day, so no Tour starting at 10pm.

I went to work today, and everyone returned around 6pm. They are unpacked, we had soup and sourdough garlic rolls for dinner and now we are waiting for Joss' friend to arrive, and the Tour to start. Happy days.