Friday, July 29, 2016

Birthday and catch up

One week short of five years apart, Bethany and Joss always have their birthdays in the holidays. Joss' chosen lunch destination was the new cafe that serves milkshakes requiring as much eating as drinking.

For dinner she went for Nigella's rigatoni al forno (which is just like lasagne only with rigatoni and not in layers) and cream cheese brownies.

Rabbit update: Mimi is an enormous white bunny, who loves to bounce crazily around the rug and couches, lick fingers and noses and occasionally give eyebrows and necks a little nip. She and Milo have never come face to face because we are still pretty certain that wouldn't end well.

My hairdresser has the sweetest little dachshund, called Pierre. I like it when his ears go inside-out.

Last night Andrew's band had a Chicago and Blood Sweat and Tears night. By the time I got there, it was standing room only; totally packed on a Thursday night! This is a poor photo of the horn section that Andrew put together. It was so good!

Here's my favourite song from last night; sadly I didn't record Andrew's version so you'll have to settle for the original band.


  1. Oh that milkshake! Looks like a great new cafe for us to try when next in Wagga...

  2. Your kids have the best birthday meals!

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  4. Birthday bliss! Wish we were there to hear the Jazz too!