Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Still here

Oops, time does get away on me. I am ten books ahead of schedule in my reading challenge, so there you have it!

Years ago we saw on the news (very slow news day) that there had been reports in America of a baby lion on the loose, that had turned out to be a labradoodle. Ever since I have been keen on giving that sort of grooming a go, but this time, I told the kids I would actually ask. I didn't think they would say yes, but they were game.

I think they shaved too much forehead, making him look like the cowardly lion or a balding old lion. I laughed all the way home in the car. Andrew won't be seen outside with him, but the rest of us really quite like it.

It has been a busy time with weekends away; first Andrew took Joss to an open day at Wollongong Uni, and the following weekend to Sydney for cycling. Jane and I had a girls' weekend away last weekend, going to the One Love conference. Jane picked me up at lunchtime on Friday and we hit the road, making two coffee stops before arriving in Newtown.
The view from our room

Jane lived in Newtown while she and Steve were at Moore College, so she is confident driving there; I couldn't do it! We stayed in a great place, just off King Street, and wandered down the road for a Turkish dinner. After a very long browse in a book shop (I love to look at a bay of shelves and count how many of the books I have read), we went to a crumble shop. The man spent some time telling us how the filling, crumble, ice-cream and sauce choices were to be made and was a bit disappointed when all we wanted was a cup of tea.

The conference was great, so encouraging, and we then visited a new baby and spent the evening with Karen and Sandy in their new digs in Drummoyne. Sunday was a bit less fun, with illness in the city and at home in Wagga, but it was such a worthwhile weekend, we are looking forward to doing it again next year.

On Monday morning my work moved. We left our little brown brick box, right in the centre of town, and moved to a more spacious building next to the river. My office has a view!

My desk is tidy!

Last night Toby had his piano eisteddfod. He played a duet with a girl from school, and also played a solo piece. They won the duet and he came second in the solo. This is the duet, sorry I didn't start right at the beginning. The best bit is at the end when Toby shows dedication to protocol without back-up.

Also, tomorrow is Spring!


  1. Oh, your Spring is way ahead of ours! Our blossom just budding... Poor Milo, he looks a bit odd.... Sunny wouldn't recognise him!

  2. Thanks Amy, so good to get all your news. Think I'll have to bring my hunting gun next time we come - just in cast Milo turns "wild".