Thursday, June 23, 2016

New family member

Sometimes we make decisions that aren't clear cut. There are plenty of reasons why we do not need a bunny. There is a woolly, brown, lip-licking reason why a bunny is not a great idea for our family. There is also an animal loving girl, with a friend who owns a male and a female rabbit (on purpose!), who was offered a baby and her heart was set on it in the blink of an eye.

So, we have a little white bunny with red eyes and a sweet face. The owner of the bunnies, whose name is Sunny (Jane and I did suggest the name "Funny Bunny from Sunny"), says that she's a girl. I am not convinced that we know that for sure, but Bethany is calling her Mimi.

We are all quite taken with her, Milo especially, which is something of a concern!


  1. She's very cute and the look on Bethany's face says it all... I hope Milo doesn't find her delicious....

  2. Just remember our two "male" rabbits and their millions of babies!! Have fun.