Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Junior School celebration night

It's not presentation night or awards night, it's celebration night and everyone gets to perform and gets an award. It doesn't take as long as it used to do it's much easier to enjoy, though hearing that our local member is attending 17 presentation nights this year, has certainly put any political ambition to death!

Bethany and a boy from her year were chosen to compere the evening and they did a wonderful job. Bethany's award was for excellence in creative writing and diligence in spelling. That's my girl!

That was on Tuesday night. Last night I picked up Joss and Toby from their surfing trips so today the long, summer holidays officially begin! As usual, I am about to go to work, but am enjoying the fact that I made only one lunch, will wake no one up and get no one ready for the bus. Happy holidays!


  1. Well done Bethany! Creative writing! and spelling... all good things to have!

  2. Great result Bethy, would have loved to see you comparing the night - what a brave and confident little person you are! Great to see your creative juices are there and being recognised - keep it up! Love Bop.